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    Inouļ by Shiseido

    Missing the chypre accord, Inouļ is to my nose mainly a green floral. It starts off herbal and acidic but soon morphs into a melange of green notes, powdery florals and a fleeting peach skin note somewhat reminiscent of Mitsouko's own. Unlike the Guerlain legend this Shiseido wears brighter and smells fresher, the freesia keeping an indolic jasmine in check and reins in the civet. Unfortunately for fans of green florals it's mostly the talc-like freesia I'm getting in sillage, and not so much of the balsamic greens. Up close and personal is where the real fun begins – like a well cut Tsavorite, its multiple jewel facets keeping the feline shadows tantalizingly visible but just out of reach.

    'Inouļ' is French for 'unprecedented' yet there is an unmistakably Japanese element to the composition, particularly in reference to keeping things prim and proper on the exterior, notwithstanding the caged animal hidden within. If this were a film it comes with a 'mature' rating. Certainly not for the uninitiated and definitely not for fans of sweet bubble gummy scents.

    27th February, 2013

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