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    Buckingham by Crown Perfumery

    If some know-it-all twat comes along blabbering on about how this or that perfume smells "totally like old man" you give him a good sprayful of Buckingham straight in his face - that'll teach him. Because Buckingham, my boy, smelled old back in bloody 1900. Scent of choice for conservative detractors of Jicky and all those new-fangled French baubles. Stolid fougère with potpourri florals and green notes, cypress in particular, that all just seem to enforce the mustiness. It basically smells like hand soap used to, but rarely does anymore (it's fruity aquatic now mostly, isn't it). Thus, the ultimate, accurately rendered, blast from the past. Consider that Creed's Cypres Musc, an angular traditionary scent in its own right, actually smells like a streamlined, pared-down Art Deco version of this dusty brocade, which is recommended for Victorianites only. I do enjoy it around the house occasionally, in moderate dosage, but would not think of exposing the public to it, also since it absolutely requires a soundtrack of Elgar or Holst blasting on your stereo (or rather, grammophone).

    27th February, 2013 (Last Edited: 01st March, 2013)

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