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    Romeo Gigli by Romeo Gigli

    Romeo Gigli Uomo opens with a blast of nose tingling aldehydes and lime-like herbal tarragon with hints of bitter orange and plum. As the scent enters the heart phase, the composition becomes very complex, making identification of individual notes difficult. The tarragon remains in a more subtle state joined by slightly earthy patchouli and a handful of very light aromatic herbs, spices and florals. During the late dry-down the composition remains highly complex but relatively dry amber and soft woody notes are detectable in the mix, joining ever so slightly animalic civet from the base, and the remnants of the patchouli as the earlier starring tarragon completely disappears off radar. Projection is very good to excellent and longevity is very good at 11-12 hours on skin.

    Describing Romeo Gigli Uomo is quite tough. The aldehydes and lime-like tarragon were extremely easy to identify early as was the gorgeous underlying plum note initially detected, but apart from those the rest of the notes are difficult to pick out. I almost get a kind of slightly floral and herbal ginger beer soda-like vibe with the overall heart accord, but that does not come close to doing the fragrance proper justice as the accord is quite unique (in a very good way)... I am having a devil of a time describing *what* I am smelling, but I have no reservations in saying whatever it is, it is quite pleasant and very much up my alley. I will also respectfully disagree with other reviews that call this an overly sweet scent, as that description does not jive with my experience on skin. Aromatic absolutely, but not really sweet to my nose. The bottom line is the regrettably discontinued Romeo Gigli Uomo is a fabulous quality scent that is one of the most innovative and pleasant smelling I have sniffed to date, earning an "excellent" rating of 4 stars out of 5. Aftermarket bottles are getting scarce, but a few can still be found at relatively affordable prices if you look hard enough. My advice to demanding collectors seeking something that smells great and truly unique is to hunt one of them down before prices rise further.

    02nd March, 2013

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