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    Quorum by Antonio Puig

    Recently i stumbled on a vintage Quorum's bottle forgotten somewhere on the dusty shelves in the background of an old tiny italian perfumes shop and it was a deja vu. Yes, Quorum is a jump in the glorious past, the "powerhouse" old age full of masculine green aromatic fougeres. The blend features a standout oakmoss, some tobacco, carnation and leather supported by spices, pine resins and aromatic herbs along the transition. The final smoky leather is boise' and almost obscure while the patchouli is bold and sharp. A fresh/aqueous (with a mastering initial bergamot), spicy/aromatic, mossy and finally opaque/soapy (amber-leather-oakmoss) aroma, Quorum is an uncompromissingly virile, "silent", smoky/rooty and mature stuff always present in the air around the wearer but in a discreet sharp way. The Quorum's type of man is conservative but dynamic. A well-blended stout scent (in the Giorgio Beverly Hills, Yatagan and Paco Rabane Pour Homme's vein) still great nowadays.

    03 March, 2013