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    Aventus by Creed

    Aventus for me is not some kind of world changing super frag, as it is often portrayed. Rather, it is just a beautifully composed fragrance that smells familiar, yet breaks new ground, is made of (and smells it) quality ingredients, and has real progression, great projection and longevity.

    At first blast I get a wash of pineapple, really fresh and sweet, it's juicy stuff... After 20-30 minutes the pineapple dies down and an ashy accord develops that forms the heart of the fragrance. I guess this is a combination of the birch and patchouli, but it is so well blended, I could only call it 'ashy perfection'. Projection is stellar for the first 4-6 hours, after the 6 hour mark projection comes back and I get hours of lovely skin scent, punctuated by wafts of juice smokey pineapple that has returned for round two. For the final part of the drydown, 10hours +, the pineapple reasserts itself as a delicious skins scent as the ashy accord vanishes over time. This is complimented by Creed's trademark drydown.

    Is it worth the hype? No, of course not. But the real surprise for me is the incredibly high quality juice, it's the jewel that hides behind all the BS... and it's rather special.

    05th March, 2013

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