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    M7 Oud Absolu by Yves Saint Laurent

    It starts promissing but ends down a bit too onedimentional, shy and honeyed. The beginning, namely the best part of the olfactory fatigue, is delicious with a cool/aromatic blast of creamy aoud, smooth amber and sheer watery orange. The latter is in my opinion present almost throughout but finally fades a bit. The dark patchouli is notable but becomes soon highly resinous and melted in a sink of balsams (honeyed and resinous myrrh and labdanum). I had liked a more earthy/bold work from the patchouli. In this phase the juice loses the aromatic/prickly and mineral initial vibe becoming too honeyed and vaguely rosey/ambery. Really delicious but in my opinion not enough elegant and bold. I see the association with Cruel Intentions Kilian and agree that this is a more syrupy/resinous M7 version lacking anyway the initial original formula's cherry vibe and its impressive creamy aoud mark.

    06th March, 2013

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