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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    Since it's launch in 1985 Green Irish Tweed (GIT) has been making waves, created by Pierre Bourdon, it was truly groundbreaking for its time. Two years later Mr Bourdon brought his idea to the masses with Cool Water, yes, these two frags share similarities, and Cool Water is also a great fragrance, but if feels built to a price, where the quality of GIT is apparent to those who appreciate these things. Now that's out of the way on to GIT:

    GIT opens with a herbal ultra green accord, that reminds me of walking through a dewy wet valley at dawn brushing against moist tall grasses and ferns (I live in Ireland, so I really feel the Irish greenness of this) The heart softens away from the herbal accord and a soft apple note comes into play, sweetening and softening the journey in a really nice way, this sometimes reminds me of being in an orchard. The drydown is consists of the green apple giving way to the classic Creed ambergris accord, and leaves a tantalisingly fresh and inviting skin scent.

    Great silage for 4-6 hours, and up to the 10 hour mark as a skin scent. Works great anytime, but incredible on a damp spring day, this is one on my favorites and will always have a place in my heart (and collection)..... Bravo!

    07th March, 2013

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