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    Black Orchid by Tom Ford

    Crazy projection on this one, for at least the first hour. If you're going for understated, I'd probably opt for something else.

    It starts out like a dark, spiced hybrid of sweet and pepper. And I also sense some subtle combination reminiscent of mint. I don't know what gives it that feel (in terms of the note pyramid), but it leaves a very clean impression, while somehow remaining a little murky. It's almost strange smelling, in that it reminds me of an alluring witch's brew, or like I'm inside "The Neverending Story."

    What's disappointing to me is the overall outcome. I love that the scent evolves into something completely different than what it started as, but in the end I lose all the components I loved about it in the beginning. It turns out a deep, one dimensional, earthy smell that I just can't get into. Simple patchouli almost. I don't know if a black orchid actually exists, or what it might smell like if it does, but maybe the idea behind the heart of the fragrance just isn't for me.

    But if you do in fact enjoy the end result of the scent, that same drydown lasts for days, so the longevity is great. And it does indeed look stunning on my nightstand with its slender black and gold presentation.

    I'll keep wearing it, because I absolutely love how it opens up within the first couple of minutes, but my search for a new signature scent will continue. However, its introduction of the top notes alone might warrant a blind buy.

    11th March, 2013

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