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    Cozé 02 by Parfumerie Generale

    Since the first moments of its impalpable evolution Coze 02 appears in all its pungency and smokiness. The evolution is almost absent in my opinion and the final effect is nearly immediately accomplished. The patchouli together with pepper are prominent as well as a slightly herbaceous feel and a moderate touch of black and white chocolate with coffee. I perceive the note of canapa more in the final kind of mildness than in the aromatic herbaceous feel itself. The boozy temperament jumps immediately to attention and is a spicy boozy vibe, the taste of an exotic rum that you savour with in your mouth the flavour  of chocolate and fruits covered by coffee dust and nutmeg. The boozy and peppery-spicy vibe plus the woody final  consistence remind me a bit some nuances of the less syrupy-spicy and more gassy, leathery and  obscure Idole de Lubin. This peppery and liquorous feel surrounds all the elements since the beginning till the end together with the smoke. The sweetness is moderate and is a almost milky mild character from the note of vanilla and from the woods. The bitterness of coffee adds a considerable level of darkness to a fragrance that is moderately dense and very prickly and aromatic. May be the aromatic vibe is also produced by the canapa oil of the top regardless the spices an pepper.  I agree who with writes this scent is more a woody-spicy oriental than properly a gourmand. Too faint and well balanced are the edible notes and too tamed the sweetness. Any element is cloying or bombastic and the edible feel doesn't overwhelm the woody vibe or the aromatic-spicy temperament. Not bad at all but nothing that manages to break my heart.

    26th November, 2011 (Last Edited: 17th March, 2013)

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