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    Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

    I feel compelled to write about this absolutely stunning fragrance. I won't break it down, as I don't feel I'd do it justice, and it's already been done many many times. First, it was outrageously hard for me to track down a bottle of this stuff, and it's not even the "vintage". I was all over Canada, parts of the US, and the eastern carribean (Nassau, Grand Turk, st. Thomas, and San Juan), in hundreds of department stores, and fragrance stores. The only place I found this was in duty free at Miami International. They had only 2 bottles, and had I gotten my nose on this stuff before purchasing, I would have bought whatever was there. It shows up sometimes on fragrance net, but usually sells out fairly quickly. Upon first sniff of this, I was shocked. Knew about the "lipstick" note, but didn't really mind that. My first impression was not a good one. I found it interesting, as I hadn't gotten my nose on anything like it before, but I wasn't blown away (this bring such a hugely talked about frag). I slept on it, literally. Woke up the next morning and got a whiff of my pillow..... Been in heaven ever since. Now I love every aspect of the fragrance, and appreciate it for what it is. Heaven in a bottle. I own a lot of fragrances (60-70) some quite expensive (including Aventus, MI, etc.). Being from a small town where most everybody purchases their fragrances from the shoppers drug Mart, and everybody smells the same, I purchased completely unique stuff online. While I test and love almost everything before purchasing, DHI is the only blind buy for me, and it's the only one that I have received very vocal compliments on. It's actually quite ridiculous what this fragrance does. Curious to smell the vintage, but enthralled about what I have. Thank you Dior

    17th March, 2013

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