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    Vetiver by Guerlain

    After the disappointing experience with the Vol De Nuit EDC, I did not have high expectations for the Vintage Vetiver EDC.
    Even though Guerlain was not the first to introduce a Vetiver Fragrance(1961), Guerlain should be the touch stone for all Vetiver fragrances.
    Though vintage Vetiver EDC is mainly a linear fragrance, it does contain notes of lemon,tobacco, vetiver, nutmeg and pepper. Vetiver EDC opens with a strong blast of aldehydes or smelled more of hairspray and a light scent of lemon.
    After about 10 minutes in, I start to get the vetiver coming forward with the lemon and a faint smell of tobacco. 30 minutes since applying the vetiver is coming on strong with the faint smell of lemon. I never get a smell of nutmeg or pepper. Now is when the sillage is at it's highest, though Vintage Vetiver EDC is not a sillage monster. One hour in, the frag has become a skin scent, but the vetiver is still hanging in there. After about 2.5 hours, the EDC's longevity has given up and is gone.
    The vintage Vetiver EDC has been a lot more of a pleasure to wear. Perhaps a little because I like the scent of vetiver, but unlike the Vol De Nuit EDC, the wearing pleasure lasted a lot longer. If you have normal skin and can wear EDC's, this would be a perfect spring and summer fragrance. Actually the coolness would seem to ruin the effect of vetiver. This could pass as a unisex frag due to it's airiness and if a lady likes vetiver obviously.

    18th March, 2013

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