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    Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci

    The only thing keeping this one from a 5 star rating is the longevity.

    It's really perfect other than that, and I can overlook longevity because it smells so darn good. Gucci PH 1 is an all time favorite, and now that it's harder to come by, I will probably suffice with wearing it every now and again...while wearing number 2 much more.

    The opening is amazing, as is the middle (I think the tea is actually what holds the frag together from top to heart. Woody drydown with the only sweetness coming from a synthetic (but well done) tobacco.

    I like Chanel PE, Aventus and Guerlain's Vetiver for daily wear...but I am moving Gucci PH II into the second spot for a while. It's great for the office because it sits closer to the skin...but every now and then someone will ask me what it is. I'm definately not the 'cologne' guy when I have it on. I can't say that about the other three.

    Love this stuff.

    29th March, 2013

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