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    L'Hommage L'Homme by Lalique

    L'Homage a L'Homme is marketed as a mainstream mens cologne (i.e. good price) and it delivers, as other Lalique scents do, with a very wearable masculine cologne. The opening is aromatic and fresh reminding me a bit of Yardley's original mens cologne from many generations past. The lemony violet with a gentle spice second note that gives an aromatic old world cologne feel. Whatever the lemony aromatic opening is, it smells synthetic, two dimensional, but very wearable and . . . refreshing. This bracing opening lays neatly over a dry textured bed that denotes the middle and base of the scent which might feel like tobacco or pepper to some. This middle stage is a softer texture, a generic dimension of texture that yields a dry but still fresh aromatic cologne. This smells good, not award winning, but would be an excellent daily wear fragrance.

    I have seen a variety of notes lists for Homage a L'Homme that include bergamot, chilli pepper, violet, saffron, oud, labdanum, amber. These "notes lists" are, we all know by now, are not ingredients, but they are creative writing to direct our noses to interpret what the chemicals inside might smell like if we were to believe the marketing staff. I appreciate the guidance, but this fragrance doesn't really follow the notes in a literal way. I don't smell bergamot, saffron, oud, labdanum, amber or violet - not specifically anyway. There are fragrances around where you can actually smell saffron, labdanum, pepper, etc. but it is highly blended here and difficult to pick out any of these notes. Violets reportedly have no smell at all, but there are a variety of chemicals that have cool iris and wood directions that are described to be violet. Same with oud, there a several varieties of synthetically recreated agarwood and maybe this is in here but I don't specifically smell oud at all. Some of the new chemicals conveniently combine the odor of lemon (bergamot) with violet and woods all in one chemical ingredient! I suppose there are hints of these fragrance conceptual bits in this perfume, but all I smell is fresh aromatic mens cologne that doesn't go too sweet, will work well with a suit if needed, and will never embarrass anyone. I give it a neutral review to balance the overwhelming positive reviews of this fragrance I have seen online for this new Lalique masculine. Nice bottle, decent fragrance, but not wonderful.

    29th March, 2013

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