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    Blue Amber by Montale

    What can we say about Montale Blue Amber? It's just a straightforward "uncompromissing" amber for the lovers of this note, a simple interpretation of the main theme, where the note of amber is organic, aromatic/minty, vaguely almondy, slightly resinous but talky at once (basically talky and dry anyway), than exotic, luxurious and with an usual touch (just a touch) of royal decadance. Some Ambre et Vanille E.Coudray and Hermessence Ambre Narguile' 's facets jump to mind, tickling the olfactory memory. The hesperides are well modulated but enough present to enhance (at least in the first stage) a touch of aristocratic decadance, the note of patchouli in never heady or dark (as on the contrary happens for instance in Scent Intense), the consistence is never too dense as for instance in the case of Mona di Orio Amber, the floral elements and the powdery woods are basically absent, the note of vanilla is almost accessorial and a woodsy presence of musk, aromatic spices and vetiver is appointed in order to nail down a green/blue "kinda fluorescent" cool vibe. I love the pure, airy, penetrating, powdery animalic vibe of this fragrance, a juice conjuring at me the odour coming from a clean, talky and dry baby skin. The dry down is simply to die for. One of the best sheer amber at a more than decent price.

    01st April, 2013

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