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    Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

    To me, this starts out very similar to Gucci Pour Homme, as everyone suggests, but much quieter. It's not as strong, but the top notes are smoother, with less cumin and sweat, probably because it has less cedar and more of a variety of exotic woods. It's also less sweet, so altogether more realistic so far. It starts to get more resinous and piney, not to mention stronger, and I agree that it's smoky without going overboard as some do (I haven't even gotten to their Incense series yet!). Later on, though, I start to find a funky acridness...maybe a bit too much of the campfire smoke is finally getting into the tent? Still, the base provides some smooth, sweet wood of the type I usually like. Regarding the question that people ask (whether to buy Gucci PH or CdG 2 Man), I think it's about a toss-up. Both are a tepid thumbs-up, though I'll give this one the edge for being more natural.

    Overall, reviewing this scent for me is more an overture to understanding CdG than an analysis of one product. Since CdG seems to be the self-proclaimed master of this smoke/wood genre, I'm going to check out Palisander and Sequoia, revisit the Incense series, and then try some of their more recent similar scents, and really learn what aspects of smoky wood I like or don't like. I'm excited, but I already know that some of their scents are just too harsh and acrid for me.

    04th April, 2013

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