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    Shalimar by Guerlain

    Hmmm... Shalimar. Ladies smell so nice when they wear it. This is a scent that can bring about many memories. I can recall being a young teenager and being completely intoxicated by a friend's mom's perfume. This stuff MADE her a "hot mom". I remember the bottle...

    I bought some for my girlfriend. She's in the roller derby, and I was looking for something that would go well with her sport. We've gone through many sweet, fruity, herbal, and sporty scents... tried a few Etat Libre d'Orange, and a couple of samples of various Tom Ford. I settled on trying out the Shalimar because of its longevity (not while wearing... I mean in the sense that it's been around since the 20s), its attractiveness, and the way it can match up with a sport like roller derby: It's dark, dangerous, sexy, and packs a punch, but can keep its wits about about it in social situations.

    Shalimar comes in with the lemony top note, but does not last long. This dries down into something smoky and subtle, seductive. To me, it gets my mind racing on things like sex, making out, etc. The woman who wears this should wear in confidence that your man will notice.

    I don't know what the formula was like in the 20s, but I would love to find out. Buy yourself an extrait or at least the EDP. Any other "strength" and you'll not get the full idea of what this scent is supposed to be.
    I would even wear this myself if I paired it up with something Versace Baby Blue Jeans or put the smack down on it with Amouage Ciel Man.
    This one's a sultry winner, ladies.

    (update) I have been wearing this myself lately. I am really enjoying it. The extrait is the way to go...
    Guys, this smells good and I would recommend trying it. I know it's for ladies, but this can and WILL be quite masculine when worn by a guy... period. It smells nice, and you will get compliments... it seems that this is more unisex than anything else....

    17th March, 2013 (Last Edited: 07th April, 2013)

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