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    Aventus by Creed

    Opens with a strong pineapple note, which quickly dissipates into bergamot. I can also imagine "French apples" (just as easily I could imagine the apples to be German, Peruvian, American, etc.). At any rate, I find the apple note even more subtle than the pineapple. All is very crisp, but also rather strong, if that makes sense. To be honest, through the fog of more than 20 years, the opening reminds me of Aspen, which wouldn't necessarily be bad, except for the price-point. Drydown is a much different story. The pineapple note is pronounced and likable. Here also develops what becomes a prominent smokiness, and from this point forward, the composition becomes increasingly interesting. I am reminded, in theory but not effect, of Lush's/Gorilla Perfumes' Breath of God which also prominently features a smoky fruity accord. Personally, I prefer Breath of God, in which the smoke lasts much longer and the whole is less sweet, but the comparison is one of apples and oranges (or rather, pineapples and melons). Post-smoke, I find this is mostly pineapple and vanilla. Oddly everything works, even if I donít recognize many of the stated notes. All in all, this is a nice, slightly unconventional "male" fragrance, with a very interesting development. For Aventus-obsessives, this is lot C42B12J01, a 2012 purchase.

    11th April, 2013

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