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    Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren

    I have tried Pure Turquoise several times, wanting to like it but am always inevitably disappointed. To my nose the amber and obtrusively-sweet vanilla are not at all subtle; these accords overpower the heavenly concoction of cactus, lily of the valley, orange blossom and patchouli. I find this to be really unfortunate because I think this fragrance would have had fantastic potential otherwise.

    While Pure Turquoise aims to convey the unique beauty of the gem it's named for, it invokes the image of the medieval spice route between Europe and Asia in which all the spices were left to the elements for far too long and became stale... and somehow those stale spices ended up in a birch barrel of vanilla bourbon. It makes me wonder if other reviewers have ever actually been to the desert southwest. There's also a Christmas-y sort of note imparted, at least on my skin. That works wonders for some people, but not me.

    It is not linear - at least to my nose - and does have good silliage and great longevity. But instead of being a floral-chypre-nouveau alluding to the beauty and enchantments of the Turquoise Trail of New Mexico it simply resonates as being cooped up in a dimly lit cabin with a simmering pot of spiced-vanilla potpourri. If someone is looking for a sophisticated vanilla-amber this might just be the scent.

    12th April, 2013

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