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    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

    I don't agree with the negatives. I also don't agree that it fails to live up to its "spice" name. For me, as a cook, this smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, and all things Christmas. In the drydown it even has a hint of chocolate, like a spicier version of Dior Homme Intense. None of these appear in the notes, partly because it is not meant to smell like that, and partly because I am not a perfume afficionado and I smell what my nose tells me that I am smelling.

    This is definitely a winter scent, but it smells masculine and different and if you are looking for something to attract comments from the ladies you are in the right territory. Spray it on and walk in to a dark cocktail bar at the office party wearing a black suit and white shirt and you will see the effect that it has. Forget the stuffy reviews, this is modern, vibrant, spicy (in the actual spice kind of way), and you cannot go wrong with it. Buy it, finish it, then toss the hand grenade shaped bottle over the fence like you own the scent, not the other way around.

    12th April, 2013

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