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    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extreme / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

    " this perfume is not for clubbing guys who looks for girls. its intended for guys who want to make a statement to the people near him "...

    what a brilliant way of putting it. I feel exactly the same. When I first caught a smell of this, I asked the man what he was wearing, because the "statement" of the scent is : " I am not a usual scent, I smell of yearning, not possession...I smell of chasing something worth having, not for me fickleness or settling for anything...I smell of discretion, not desperation, and I am not bitter, nor am loud and sickly and cloying...I am a the memory of a Priest, before he took his vows, the smell of a good man you can trust, I won't let you down, won't promise what I can't deliver, won't seduce you into thinking I am sweet and innocent , when I am not. I'll add more later, as it comes along, this will do for strange, to be able to create a scent which conveys longing, and not achievement of that longing ? Is this alchemy...? I don't know, but this scent is an elixir for the soul..a journey, not a destination...a glimpse of something missing, not a greedy needy clever, Guerlain...

    15th April, 2013

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