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    Aventus by Creed

    A conformist, conventional fruity-woody that hits that spot right in the middle of the taste spectrum that ranges from zzzz to way-out. If we’re saying that sweet fruit notes played over a sweet and comfortable wood backdrop is the ultimate for the 21st century man, then, boy, this poor creature really cannot bear too much reality.
    Aventus’ top and heart are pretty immaculate (albeit unadventurous), the base less so. There’s a sparkling bergamot in the top and juicy sweet fruit (nope, that pineapple is nowhere near as distinct as some would have you believe) to which are immediately added some floral rounding and that right-down-the-middle wood note, sweet, reassuring, the kind that is the golden mean for mainstream masculines. It’s all pretty seamless, offering brightness, comfort, safe ‘masculine’ signifiers. It has an energy about it which makes me think how well this would suit young people, for whom fitting in is often such a big deal. That’s unusual as I tend not to think of perfumes in age terms.
    To its credit, apart from the bergamot which is fleeting as usual, Aventus manages to hold on to much of the other notes; still, the laundry musks at the base let it down somewhat. Quite a room filler in terms of its trail but not obnoxious about it. Easy to wear, but by that same token it ain’t going to be taking a walk on any wild side anytime soon.

    17th April, 2013

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