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    Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

    Mildly spicy and definitely citric opening combining, as some have said, a slightly turned orange/dried orange peel (it is not bad) with grapefruit. The vetiver is soon detectible, calling to mind large sun-warmed stones, rather than cool, dank, dark forest floors; it is an interesting twist to the note. It is significantly less bitter/sour than usual, even if that edge is preserved, nicely enhancing (or vice-versa) a later-appearing lifelike geranium. Patchouli lurks, lending an essential heft; hours in, vague leathers arrive. Grapefruit and vetiver stick it out for the long-haul, at the end moving towards a darker and more familiar vetiver scent. After reading numerous reviews, I am surprised to find that any woody notes rather buried, but this is not a fault. No pencil shavings for me. On the whole, this is a unique composition that works exceptionally well. All is subdued and relaxed; languorous and earthy.

    18th April, 2013

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