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    Supercilium by O'Driù

    This fragrance represents a particular Pregoni's approach to the olfactory theme of the vetiver which finally appears highly lemony, woody and softenend by a bunch of sweet and spicy mysterious soothing elements. The beginning is almost traditional (anyway by far less compelling than many O'Driu' introductions, yes for instance i smell a less boisterous kind of Ladamo's beginning without the burnt licorice effect or a less anisic/fruity/spicy Laltrove 1001 type of first impression) and crossing the trademark O'Driu's blend of aromatic herbs and prickly spices. In particular i detect in the air a sort of pungent, vaguely incensey/smoky and almost minty (averagely sweet) herbal mix. Effectively the spicy/herbal presence in a second phase keeps to recede a bit while a sort of lemony (due to a dominant lemongrass) vetiver takes the stage with its charge of well calibrated "tart/grassy salinity". The lemongrass tends to overwhelm (anyway, to master over) the vetiver's action and on this sphere i would not classify Supercilium as a classic and plain take on the main theme, expecially when in the final part of the development a sort of spicy and smooth sandalwood starts to "embellish" the dry down supported by a minimal touch of silky balsams (benzoin?, citric amber? a la Avantgarde Fetish Perfume). The final outcome keeps on to be lemony and woody with an averagely bodied spicy (sweet cinnamon or cloves?) mildness. Not my favorite from the this prestigious brand but a great alternative for the lovers of the "creative vetivers". Another great creation from the talented perfumer Angelo Orazio Pregoni.

    21st April, 2013 (Last Edited: 22nd April, 2013)

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