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    Lasso by Jean Patou

    What a privilege to be able to try this fragrance, the original version, from the 1950's. Whether it has remained as it was then? Well, there is no way for me to know. I suspect that it has mellowed.

    What tsrikes me about this fragrance every time that I wear it, is that is so beautifully PLUMP. Furrypine set the scene for us. It is a floral leather, not a chypre. It is not angular, nor is it as dense and uncompromising as some of it's peers. It is far more yielding. The flowers are a luscious bouquet but not overwhelming. They are old fashioned. The flowers have melded these days (perhaps always) but it has a Carnation, Jasmine, and Rose, heart, and Iris I think. The leather is both resinous and animalic, rich and soft, and just a bit smoky.

    Lasso, vintage glamour through a soft focus lense, rich, soft, very appealing, and PLUMP!

    26th April, 2013 (Last Edited: 27th April, 2013)

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