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    JF by Floris

    JF opens with a citrus tandem of orange and lemon (more orange than lemon), with just hints of aromatic green herbal mugwort to add some balance to the citrus. As the fragrance enters its heart, the citrus recedes to a small degree, while the mugwort remains now combining with just slightly sweet amber. As the fragrance enters the early dry-down the amber continues to build coupling with a subtle woody accord, but the fragrance retains its general aromatic herbal citric nature through the end. Projection is below average and longevity is average at 7-8 hours on skin.

    JF (and the house of Floris in general) was my first foray into the niche area, and was a favorite of mine for many years thereafter garnering many, many wearings. I don't wear it often anymore as my collection and tastes have both expanded, but I still enjoy and appreciate its charms every time I wear it. JF is frequently compared to fragrances like Green Irish Tweed by Creed and while I understand the comparison JF is really a different scent with more of an herbal citrus focus over a woody amber base, and those already owning GIT should not hesitate to also give JF a try as it has charms and appeal of its own. After further review all these years later, JF will always have a home in my collection, earning a "very good" rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. Thanks for the memories...

    28th April, 2013

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