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    Vidi by Histoires de Parfums

    Vidi, the middle child of the trio of golden bottled Edition Rare fragrances from Historie de Parfums, interprets Ceasar's phrase "I saw" to represent the primal element air. The notes for this ethereal incense spice fragrance are: Cardamom, ozone effects, plastic rose, cyclamen, water effects, saffron, immortal absolu, musk, ambergris, vanilla, white wood. The emphasis of the notes is on saffron giving Vidi a similarity to the scent of a traditional Indian Saffron Attar (saffron infused in sandalwood). The rarity of Mysore sandalwood today allows this recreation of a saffron attar to be accomplished by the amalgam of light woods, vanilla, ambergris, musk, immortal, cardamom and rose to recreate this warm ethereal light wood partnership with saffron. This is a very familiar and often considered holy incense scent, that is well made in the scent of Vidi.

    The smell of Vidi is very mild toned and it does soar lighter than air, with elevating breath of saffron, cardamom and expansive unstated ozonic elements. Saffron has a high pitched flutelike sharpness which combined here with tart elevating purity of woods makes this scent a favorite fragrance from HdP to my nose. I think of Vidi as fundamentally a saffron incense fragrance. Mr. Ghislain surrounds the highly evolved saffron soprano solo with expansive and light toned woods as well as gentle warmth to reinforce the open airy aspects of the fragrance.

    My favorite of the trio of Edition Rare, Vidi is smooth and elevating. Thiumbs up with a rating of 4 of 5 stars.

    29th April, 2013

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