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    Oud Immortel by Byredo

    Oud Immortel conjures me some Accord Oud's aromatic facets but under a sharper and less leathery/gassy vest. The combination between incense, resinous oud, spices and patchouli represents the backbone of the olfactory fatigue, which over some fruity ingredients and smooth boise notes unfold their effects in order to round the final aroma. I detect a touch of boots polish foam effect, some synthetic woody elements and a sort of resinous/gassy oud-olibanum accord surrounded by citrus and may be bilberries (or probably is just the olibanum resin that projects that type of fruitiness in my perception). Frankly i don't smell precisely a tobacco presence but just a sort of seasoned type of aromatic/perfumed mildness soothed by secret elements (myrrh, benzoin??) and probably by minimal hints of suede. At the end of the trip i detect a more plain woody/ spicy presence and in this phase the spicier (probably more resinous) and brighter Al Oudh comes to mind. Finally what? Frankly a synthetic and "sulphureous" woodiness and nothing else. Another disappointing Byredo which does not strike at all my humble olfactory taste.
    Ps. After a bunch of hours a more pleasant incensey vibe keeps rising in the air, balancing the excess of synthetic woodiness, just a faint improvement due to push my rating up towards a neutral level.

    30th April, 2013 (Last Edited: 01st May, 2013)

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