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    Eros by Versace

    The combination of the warm-fresh notes is abstractedly interesting and courageous but it should have been requested an uncompromissingly natural substance of the elements which are indeed finally at all synthetic and cloying. The effect is similar to the one i undergo inhaling Neroli Portofino, namely a soapy, chemical, thirsty and finally dull mess rather than something fresh, natural, daring, defined and sparkling. Anyway, Eros is the Versace's recent attempt to create a modern fougere with an oriental twist (a risky yard). The aroma smells soon lemony and minty but in a general "tendent to warmth" atmosphere elicited by the dense combination of vanilla, tonka and ambroxian unfolding the oriental soul of the aroma. The combination of mint, geranium and finally oakmoss imprints a fougere dimention which is anyway overwhelmed and ruined by an excess of oriental notes than finally congest the smell and turn it out in a less interesting and elegant form. The initial combination between mint oil, citrus and sour green apple (also in the association with smokey tonka) produces a typical sour and vaguely bitter (tobacco) vibe which interacts with the sweetness of the oriental elements. The cedary final touch is noticeable for sure. A must try for the lovers of these new particular mixtures but not for me for sure.

    30th April, 2013 (Last Edited: 01st May, 2013)

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