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    Eau du Sud by Annick Goutal

    Annick Goutal, as a house, has found a way to 'recreate' most typically categorical fragrances and deliver them to both men and women in a, somehow, new and stimulating way. Rarely does a Goutal creation lean heavily into the masculine or feminine realm - and, most importantly, there is always something remarkably beautiful in the composition that makes it unique and original from all interpretations of similar fragrances that have come before...and after. Mrs. Goutal was an olfactory artist who found the magical ability (like all true geniuses) to create a "canvas of notes" that we can relate to, but blend them and create a tonality and sentiment that evokes something very different from what expectations were set. Eau du Sud is a perfect example of this artist's work...and truly brilliant!!

    From the Annick Goutal site: "Eau du Sud awakens memories of Annick's travels in Provence and Tuscany. This fragrance conjures up carefree summers, the caressing warmth of the sun, and long evenings when daylight seems to last forever.

    A fragrance that makes you want to bite into a delectably juicy fruit and quench your thirst with cool water on a fresh sunny day under the shade of Roman arches.

    Olfactory family : Citrus, Chypre, Green (Bergamot, Persian lime, grapefruit, mandarine, verbena, peppermint, basil, hint of jasmine and vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss)"

    I have to say that what comes forth is deep yet fragrant, citric as well as herbal and with depth and richness that is rarely found in this realm. I have tried Eau d'Hadrien many times and as much as I want to compare this...I cannot. Each is unto itself. I recently found and added Hadrien Absolu to my collection, as it too, reflected an incredible richness that is beguiling in a citrus scent - yet incredibly wearable and, without hesitation...unisex. My appreciation for Goutal's work (and the house since she has passed - kudos to Camille and the Goutal folks for keeping her brilliance alive) is unrelenting. She is, in my mind, one of the finest non-traditional, artistically-mindful and sentimental perfumers whose work I am fascinated by, in every olfactory canvas she has shared with us...simply and truly, magnificent pieces. I liken her work to the Expressionist Art movement of the early 1900's - there is a timeless feel to everything she has created...and that is because it comes from "within". She created bottles that were from her life's olfactory memories. I am, forever, thankful. I do not rate any of her bottles - as I say in virtually all of my reviews of the house of Annick Goutal's work, one cannot quantify her artistic presentation with a fractional value. And, the torch has been passed to Camille - who has carried on the seminal work her late mother created wonderfully.

    Eau du Sud is, simply, gorgeous and breathtaking. I have traveled to Provence and Tuscany and feel a distinct connection to both places in this bottle - memories of a lifetime are in this composition that I can relate to.

    The listed notes, as per the Goutal website, perhaps with a lighter amount of oakmoss in current formulation due to IFRA regulation, but there is a nice, warm moss and undertone here that all of us get, something slightly smoky, herbaceous and penetrating - the wonderful patchouli...creating a gorgeous base from which the quenching, fresh-squeezed citrus and bouquet of fresh-cut herbs radiate their natural sparkling and fragrant beauty. Bergamot, Verbena/Lemon Verbena, Grapefruit, Persian lime, Mandarin, Basil, Mint, a light touch of penetrating and fresh-blooming jasmine still on the vine...together, compose the melange of radiating and extremely natural aromatics on the top and in the heart. The aforementioned oakmoss offers its depth (in older formulation) and the vetiver, although clean, is an expression of light, fragrant woodiness that further sharpens the composition in the base (keeping it from getting too dark during the dry down).

    This is harmonious and beautiful - equally on a man or woman. The only requirement, like all Goutal's bottlings, is that one wear this with an understanding and sense of taste & it is a gorgeous composition. It can be worn casually (please do not confuse my statement), but intelligence and having knowledge of Goutal's vision is a requirement to fully appreciate it.

    Undeniably, stunning and honest & beautiful expression from Annick Goutal that, like so many of her other creations, is transcendent. Ahhhh, the wonder and amazement only does my undying admiration for her expressionistic works of art. Eau du Sud is a divine creation.

    Merci, Annick. Merci! Reposer en paix...for we are forever grateful that you shared your beautiful palate and vision with us.

    02nd May, 2013

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