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    Hadrien Absolu by Annick Goutal

    My review for the Masculine bottling of Hadrien Absolu...

    Sharp, vibrant and vivid notes of beautiful lemons (gorgeous Amalfi Lemons) combine in the top with grapefruit, and a squeeze of mandarin orange. This gets every part of the lemon - from the squeezed juice to the fleshy pulp to the bitter rind (just wonderful)! A green note is detected on top - herbal in nature and wonderful (it actually stays and evolves with the citrus maintaining its crisp freshness with a greenness underneath). Whoever thinks this is too bitter - I totally disagree. It is citric in nature, but no sour notes that are off-putting whatsoever or anything even remotely related to cleaning products (please!) This is extremely natural smelling - the house of Annick Goutal uses very high-quality ingredients and it shows here incredibly!

    This is for people who have a passion for such wonderful classic citrus scents in the realm of Acqua di Parma, Eau Sauvage and more recently, Monsieur Balmain)...but in EdP strength and added depth of wonderful cypress, light ylang-ylang and a touch of aldehydes. A wonderful, niche-quality citrus of depth, but retaining a sparkle...brilliant!

    There is a clear distinction between this bottling and the original, Eau d'Hadrien. I have tested and worn Eau d'Hadrien and love it - as many times as I've contemplated a full-bottle purchase, it just didn't happen. By the time I made my decision "firm"...the scent had faded and I felt like I had to let go of my lover's hand. It was a difficult choice to restrain myself, as I consider all Goutal bottlings to be absolute olfactory art.

    When I heard about Hadrien Absolu, I pondered the thought and then started looking for a bottle (knowing how much I adored the scent of Eau d'Hadrien on its own merit). I wanted this sooner - but it wasn't to be. So, here I was in the middle of winter in Northern California and I found a bottle for the Spring & Summer that is upon us. My oh my, this is so beautiful. The lemons, when blending with the cypress, a wonderful accord of a green, zesty lemon smell comes to mind - lemon verbena or petit grain with verbena in a blender (all leaves, herbs with a full squeeze of fresh lemon juice). However - that is how it presents itself initially and in the heart, it warms to show the beautiful, sharp cypress...a touch woody but fragrant and ethereal. It never loses its radiant freshness...

    A wonderful delight and the essence of how a great citrus can still be made with originality. I would not compare it to any other scent, but say that it is a truly exceptional and rich aromatic citrus unto itself. No rating. Again, for the Goutal house - pure adoration.

    Highly recommended, for those who love this realm of scent. I absolutely do - and this is, indeed, a stand-out composition and presentation of brilliant ingredients.

    02nd May, 2013

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