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    Shadow by JAR

    Wow. I just spent a week in NYC. Went to the JAR alcove at Bergdorff Goodman not once, not twice, but three times! The first I sampled Shadow and vintage Golconda. Both lovely (the vintage with a large dose of carnation absolute). But I was drawn to Shadow. My wife had "Bolt of Lightning" and Diamond Water. Both were stunning, but "Bolt" was unreal.

    I returned the next day to try them both on personally. I spent the day with these beauties, and the night as well. "Bolt" was amazing. Unbelievable. But there was just something about Shadow. I had to have it. My third, and final trip to BG was to purchase Shadow.

    Apparently, Shadow was discontinued for a few years because a specific ingredient could not be sourced. Instead of altering the composition, and perhaps losing some of its integrity, production was stopped altogether. Lucky for me Shadow has been reborn! And even better, true to its original form.

    Now, the perfume. Clearly this is well made with high quality ingredients. There is no formal note pyramid. The wonderful sales associates are not allowed to disclose notes or ingredients. It starts off spicey, with clove, cinnamon and carnation. There is moss. There is some vetiver. The drydown is beautiful natural sandalwood. Projection is mild/moderate. Longevity is good, the soft sandalwood and vetiver lasts a while.

    There is nothing like it. It smells as if it was made many years ago, I think largely due to the natural oils and absolutes that obviously compose Shadow. Awesome stuff!

    There is a ton of real sandalwood here. The good stuff! Initially I thought Shadow meant something dark. I now favor Shadow meaning more that it is always with you. Never loud or overwhelming. Just an ever present sandalwood shadow.

    02nd May, 2013

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