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    He Wood Ocean Wet Wood by Dsquared2

    "Rant" but no "Rave" !

    “Ocean” is more a sketch, than a fully rendered seascape that it claims to be: Instead, it's a log, just beginning to mascerate in a pond of artemisia and violet infusion. "Oasis Wet Wood", done. It's simple, and it's linear; and as such, I like it a lot. "Marketing" should have stopped at that. But "Ocean"? That just brings up a whole new set of expectations. This is barely "seashore". As far as flankers go, it's somewhat disappointing. If "Rocky Mountain" painted a different portrait of HeWood, "Ocean" simply drew a Moustache on him ! (LOL). Essentially just adding Calone to the original, isn't going to make it a great flanker. But that is the biggest disappointment: The quality of the crucial “water" accord. Which in this case comes off a bit still and murky, and lacks the shimmering salty character of the sea. That patchouli in the base was a mistake; working against the water effect. It both, dulled, and "grounded" the composition -even though it gave the fragrance good longevity in the end. Alberto Morillas is usually formidable. But Daphne Bugey really should have asked Jacques Cavallier, instead ! To partner-up her HeWood with the beautifully vivid ocean in his Bvlgari Aqua pour homme (or better yet, Aqua Marine). The result could have been my new "signature". As things stand, I still like it. Just don't love it. *Sighhhh...*

    Longevity: 9/10 (in base)
    Projection (summer temperatures): 8/10 (in mid)
    Art/Creatives: 6/10 (concept and scent execution only-bottle stays status quo in this series)
    How: casual, work or play, summer only, by yourself picking lint out of your navel.

    12th October, 2012 (Last Edited: 10th May, 2013)

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