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    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    I Should be Riding my Harley...!!

    Thierry Mugler is fast becoming my favorite cologne designer... I now own seven (7) or more of his fragrances and love them all. All are similar to the next, but each offers a different spin that becomes a unique fragrance. Well done Thierry Mugler...

    A*Men comes out of the bottle hot (Hot meaning strong and can be overwhelming) with notes of tar, leather, pepper, and chocolate and then settles to a sweeter musk scent that is fantastic. I am a huge fan. The fragrance is ripe for a high "Wow Factor" as I routinely get compliments on the fragrance. It is truly unique. There are plenty of nay-sayers out there and I will admit - coming out of the bottle, most Mugler's fragrance are not so appealing - it is the dry down that becomes pleasant. And the beauty - the Mugler fragrances, including A*Men, last all day. There is no problem lasting eight (8) hours on the skin and until the next day on clothing.

    I would feel comfortable wearing A*Men any season and for any event, but I suppose the experts say that fall or winter are most appropriate time with evening wear as ideal. Me - anytime and anywhere..!! The bottle and packaging are first class and Mugler offers that "above and beyond" customer service with registering your fragrance. The bottle designs are unique and "the jury is still out" on whether I like them. I can't see the "rubber bottles" and would expect something more fitting - I have the small bottle of A*Men that is clear - I love clear bottles that allow seeing the clarity of the fragrance.

    The price/value is a slight deduction - but I am willing to pay more for longer lasting fragrances. As I routinely say, I have lots of problems - but money isn't one of them..!!

    My final evaluation of A*Men is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Only the (rubber) bottle design and price/value away from perfection. The fragrance is awesome and I definitely recommend buying - just brace yourself for that initial blast and wait (keep telling yourself to wait) for a few minutes for the dry down. You will be glad you did. The beauty in communication - make sure you listen constructively...!!

    14th May, 2013

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