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    Marquis by Anglia Perfumery

    I really like this scent (the original from Crown Perfumery).

    I have asked for a sample from Anglia Perfumery, and was wondering whether it's just me thinking that this smells quite different. So I got a fresh "sample vial" of Crown Perfumery Marquis and a fresh "sample vial" of Anglia Perfumery Marquis, put some drops of one on the left, and some of the other on the right hand. I tested this with a number of people and, invariably, everyone notices a difference, and everyone prefers the Crown Perfumery version.
    To me, the Anglia version seems lighter as well as sweeter while being less warm. Generally, it gives a cheaper impression, with somehow unpleasant undertones. I find that hard to describe but while the Crown version has some form of mellow peppery undertone on the dry down the Anglia version is more rubber-powdery.
    So, does anyone know, is this just due to ageing, or do they use a different formula?

    Can anyone recommend a perfume similar to the Crown Perfumery Marquis that is still on the market (and at reasonable prices)?

    11th September, 2009

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