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    Pour Un Homme by Caron

    A word to the wise - PuH wears like a man caught between a heavy metal concert and a symphony concert. The opening has the volume turned way up to ď11Ē (Spinal Tap reference) with herbacous, dirty lavender smacking around in your nostrils. If you donít like lavender, go get the soap and start scrubbing. I must admit that the older (and more depressed) I get, the more I like lavender, go figure!?!?!? Anyway, the lavender pretty much tramples everything in its sight. Nobody will ever accuse Caron of going light on it. Plus it is very natural smelling. After the screaming has died down, the symphony begins to warm up. Yes, the wild lavender is leaving with a bunch groupies to catch the tourbus to the next town.
    Somewhere a cello is warming up in the distance. Violins, horns and flutes are joining in. Must be the second wave starting. Suddenly, I see a man in a tux waving a thin stick making beautiful music that Grandma would like. Natural movements are buttressed with natural smells that are so good that you can pick out each instrument in the mix (vanilla, musk, oak moss). The ornate music keeps going long into the night. And then itís over as the lights finally come on. I donít know how you feel, but 1934 produced some really good music.

    01st October, 2009

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