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    Laguna Homme by Salvador Dali

    Fantastic fragrance! I got Laguna blind and was very pleasantly surprised. As mentioned by others, Laguna reminds me of relaxing under the warm sun on a calm beach with plenty of near by palm trees and coconut trees (Laguna smells like it has a slight coconut note on my skin). Laguna smells fresh and clean but not in a sharp way, I find it a very relaxing and uplifting smell which reminds me of vanilla, coconut and sun-cream.

    I think Laguna would work perfectly in warm to hot weather. Laguna leaves the right about of sillage, it is easily detectable whilst not overpowering. I would say Laguna is a youthful yet mature scent which I think would be suitable for all ages.

    Some scents are easily grown out of, however at this stage I cant see myself ever getting tired of Laguna. Laguna is not sold at department stores near me, which helps to explain why it is so rare here in Western Australia. This scent is defiantly a keeper. If you are looking for a cheap, unique, non-common, high-quality, summer scent you should check out Laguna!

    02nd September, 2005

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