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    Number 3 / Le 3me Homme / The Third Man by Caron

    When you wear Caron 3rd Man, you are putting out a statement. You are a confident man, comfortable in the most stressful situations, not bothered by the dominant fashion style of the day, a man of tradition. The fragrance itself is caramel smooth. A brilliant take on the 80s' super accord. It is extremely aromatic. This one was designed with sillage in mind. When you leave the room, people will definitely know you've been there a few seconds ago.

    I wear 3rd Man on the skin. I like it close. It goes on my chest, under a shirt. Trust me, the effect is fabulous. This allows the scent to mix with your natural chemistry and pumps out through the pores of the fabric. The effect is one of sexy indulgence and warmth. It should have a place in any gentleman's wardrobe. (Even a gentleman gets horny once in a while.) So who IS the 3rd Man? I'm no Luca Turin, but i believe, there is your physical being, your spiritual being and the scent which becomes an extension of yourself. The aura personified!!!

    06th March, 2004

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