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    Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

    The comparison to Fleur de Male must be made - both are heavy on vanilla and neroli in combination. But where the Gaultier is a balanced, original and cool release - Fahrenheit 32 just seems redundant and frankly, a bit cheap. On my skin I just canīt get by the feeling of a highly artificial product. Something created in a lab between washing powders and stain removing liquids. As for instance Comme Des Garcons has proved time and again, artificiality doesnīt need to be bad per se. But in Fahrenheit 32 there isnīt enough originality or other redeeming stuff going on to justify it. The vanilla and orange blossom smell awfully synthetic and the whole brew has a strength (nuclear!) and offensiveness thatīs just a bit too much too handle.

    It also shares that sharp "floral aggression" of Geir Ness and Tommy T, giving it a ridiculously clean feeling. The irony is, itīs so strong it comes across more like some kind of industrial strength cleaner for warehouses or something...

    Nevertheless it is quite different from most of the stuff coming out today which in itself is worth some praise. But at the end of the day a definite thumbs down. Hardly worthy of sharing shelves with Eau Sauvage or even the original Fahrenheit for that matter.

    26th December, 2007

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