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    Murasaki by Shiseido

    Murasaki is one of the few green floral fragrances still available anywhere at all. I absolutely love it, and discovered it by accident in the 90s. I bought perfumes from a wonderful lady who owned a perfume shop in South Carolina. Her daughter confided to me that Murasaki had been one of her favorite perfumes but that she had not been able to obtain any. Well, that was enough to pique my curiosity. I ended up phoning the Shiseido boutique in Honolulu and discovered that they had Murasaki. The daughter was thrilled and bought a bottle for her Mom as a surprise. I thought it was too good an opportunity to spring for a surprise myself, so I bought a bottle for myself. I was just beginning to realize how much the galbanum note in the top of a perfume made it attractive and beautiful to me. I have now been wearing Murasaki for a long time and wouldn't be without it. As far as I know, the formula has not been tampered with. Some of the other classic green scents don't work as well for me, as they have too much cedar in the base, or vetiver, or leather, such as Deneuve, Chanel #19, Vent Vert. On me it is a softer, wetter mossy perfume. One of my bosses always loved it, thought it reminded him of his Mom's Chanel #5. Funny, since I can't wear #5 effectively--all I can ever smell in it is aldehydes going straight to a base note.

    03rd December, 2009

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