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    Galanos by Galanos

    I didn't discover Galanos until after 2000--and I can't get enough of it. I'm puzzled by some of the reactions of other reviewers, but I suspect I'm older than they and may be not as much attuned to the scents considered so worthy today. In fact, my perfume obsession developed in the early 90s as an attempt to discover why I could find nothing in the department stores which appealed to me. Galanos has a spicy, opulent floral flamboyance which is not of the same ilk of other perfumes of its day. It is a fragrance outside of its time, and in my opinion, quite unique. In terms of other perfumes of its time, I'd compare it perhaps with Cardin's Empreinte, or maybe Alain Delon's Le Temps d'aimer. Although it's considered a floral, or a floriental, it smells rather chypre-ish to me, a wet chypre, not a dry one. Nor is it like a Chloe, a Giorgio, an Escada, a Herrera or an Amarige, which in my opinion, is a blessing. It is not the bath of vanilla, nor the heavy incensey inside of a cathedral smell, nor a dry leathery smell. It is not as green or herbal as Paloma (casting no aspersions on Paloma, one of the most fabulous scents of all time IMHO), but just as large, as elegant, and as individualistic. My husband goes wild when I wear it.....

    03rd December, 2009

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