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    Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

    The very minimal olfactory pyramid already gives you a clue for this not being especially complex fragrance, and it certainly is very true : This is indeed quite simple and linear composition. However, the aroma itself is so addictive and pleasant, that it makes the complexity totally pointless.
    I can`t say that I get the orange notes at all, but the star fruit in the middle certainly adds that certain fruity twist to it. Also, vanilla is quite obvious all the way, but to me these supporting notes of star fruit and vanilla pods only underlines the fact of this being just a simple cocoa bean scent - perhaps in some of it`s different variations.
    Things I get to my mind : Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, White Chocolate and slightly, some darker undertones of Dark Chocolate and freshly roasted Coffee with Milk. Despite the sweetness, this is no sugar overdozed fragrance by any means.

    I`m quite suprised that this hasn`t gain more popularity among guys. OK, this may lean towards feminine side a bit, but c`mon....this is completely unisex fragrance.

    Probably my second best gourmand favourite ever (nothing can beat good old A*men), and more than that, to me this might well be the coziest fragrance in existance. It creates a warm, soft edible aura that I have found totally calming. Wonderful fragrance to bed, too.

    I really do like the simple nature of AdC, and I wear it with more pleasure comparing to some more complex gourmands, such as Eau Noire, New Haarlem and Il Profumo`s.

    Sillage is very gentle yet reasonably impressive. To me, a fragrace which could/should be quite liberally used; even 6-8 sprays is advisable.
    Lasting power is flawless, don`t worry about it.

    Now, all you have to do is prepare yourself for getting some compliments.

    16th July, 2007

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