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    Tubérose Indiana by Creed

    Bought this blind, it was advertised as a man's scent.

    Well, with the following of M7, most Serge Lutens, Opium PH and co, it's macho as hell--- er, almost.

    When, of all people, Marlen informs us that it may be 'challenging' for a man to wear this, far be it for me to gainsay him!

    Happy ending. Gave it to a friend and she's a tuberose addict.

    Now, while I agree with the criticism of 'where's the tuberose?'--There are much closer 'purer' tuberose scents, for those who have actually smelled the magic flower; nevertheless this is a bold and well crafted creation that blends several florals, puts an oriental spin on them, without going fruity-sugary, and gives it strength, power and complexity.

    Bottom line? If you're into 'upbeat playful' stick to Fracas for your dose of the magic T.

    However, if you like orientals that are not cloying, this one's definitely worth a sniff.

    03rd April, 2007

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