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    Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior

    Pure perfection. Completely flawless creation.

    White cardboard casket with velvety lining inside is gorgeous, and the bottle is one of the most beautiful ones ever. It’s breathtaking. The simple design and the deep green juice…just perfect.
    It comes with a separate spray component, like SL export bottles for instance, but I don’t use that one myself : I use 7ml decant which I fill up when necessary. This way I can sometimes enjoy the beauty of that bottle, and also I am able to keep that bottle inside that wonderful casket.

    The scent itself could not be better either. It is unique, and most importantly; it is very easy to wear yet definitely it is not boring - never! I presume I could wear this scent forever without boredom, and if I was forced to use only one scent for the rest of my life, this could be my choice without a doubt. It smells warm, comforting and extremely natural. Lasts forever with perfect, gentle sillage to it.

    Its amazing how this quite simple blend of everlasting flower, cedar, vanilla and lavender can smell so unbelievably rich and nuanced. Eau Noire gives me a lot of different kind of associations: It can remind me of salmiac, coffee, dark chocolate, sauna, spice market, forest, train yard and god knows what else….Unbelievably full of shades this scent, an endless depth of imagination.

    What can I say?

    Dior, Mr. Kurkdjian and Mr. Slimane…..Thanks. :)

    03rd February, 2009

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