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    Greyland by Montale

    I`m so suprised there is 18 reviews to this one as I type, and only one has mentioned Gucci Pour Homme. WTF?

    Generally I cannot quite follow the comparisions to other scents that people here has been related this to.
    It`s okay, we have our own opinions and that is great, really.

    But yes, I find this more similar to Gucci Pour Homme more than anything. Its somewhat very similar. The pepper, incense and ambery note is strikingly similar to the one of Gucci, not to mention how similar I find the leather note between the two. Also, the same kind of BO thing going on, but I don`t think its the cumin though. At least I don`t get any cumin from Greyland nor Gucci PH for that matter. IMHO that BO notes comes from dusty, ground peppers lingering together with some other notes like musk, dry ginger and leather.

    Comparing to Gucci PH Greyland is a bit richer, longer lasting and not as smoky. They are close cousins nevertheless.

    13th November, 2008

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