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    Nuit au Désert by Gobin Daudé

    My favorite after Seve Exquise, this scent is a morpher and also quite unique. It begins cool and smoky and woody (agarwood, I think--a harsher, smoky, non-spicy wood) . The smoke here actually smells like cigarettes for a few minutes, more so than anything else (eg Tea For Two by L'artisan). It then blends with 'desert blooms'--I can't tell what, but these florals are deep and almost fruity, and play in the smoke beautifully. Not heady, not warm, not a skin-scent but not typically 'perfumy' either, this scent is, for lack of a better term, unique. It is very evocative, like SE, of actually being somewhere else and having an experience (ie a desert evening, smelling campfires, wind, and plants). I think distribution and possibly production were halted because they did not have much mass appeal. That could also have to do with the outrageous price and lack of advertising, but there is something to it--I don't think this would ever be someone's everyday signature scent. But it is beautiful, if somewhat fleeting.

    15th September, 2005

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