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    Muschio di Quercia / Oak Moss by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    WITH PERFUMES LIKE THIS, WHO NEEDS FLOWERS? Yes, this "Oak Moss" is a perfume formulation, not just the singular ingredient known as oak moss; and it is one of my most comfortable scents. With a wardrobe sampling list near 1,000, such favoritism signifies exceptionality. Further, for its rareness of breed, I deem it not just exceptional, but singular in style.

    Demure, green, and sweet as true, wild nature, I relate the effects of this juice to what I know: the mature grasses of the prairie, aged tree trunks -- verdant land punctuated with nut-brown timbers, the aromatics of native earth caramelized by the sun, then distilled and blended by the perfumer and captured in glass.

    The moment of encounter sends me swooning. Do you know this feeling? Upon first sniff, one's happiness seems to rise and twist and rise and twist and rise like a streaming ribbon, and a smile is unavoidable. Although AbdesSalaam does not necessarily conform to the notion of top, middle and base notes, I'll observe that the top and base are my favorite time periods in wearing Oak Moss. Vetiver, sandalwood, and oak moss transition to a point of dryness and heat after about an hour of wear, as though the midday sun has burnt off the morning's dew. Later in the day, the evening's dew seems to descend and revive green, leafy odors.

    I can usually identify one product from each fragrance house as my favorite, and I thought Hindu Kush had won that honor here. But then my husband gently abducted Hindu Kush from me. So now, in a review already littered with words like rare, exceptional, and singular, I must add that the House of Profumo has earned another form of exclusivity: It is the only perfume house my husband and I share fragrances from.

    I do not believe you have to be a fan of chypres to appreciate this oak moss-rich liquid. If you enjoy the smells of untamed lands, you would be entertained by the uncommon personality present in Oak Moss. There is nothing sharp or harsh herein, and I can think of no argument against your ordering a sample. For newcomers, I can only say you may get spoiled by the quality of Profumo's ingredients. To you frag veterans who have grown jaded and think you've smelled it all I say: There are new delights to be had in Profumo's "Scents of the Soul."

    21st March, 2009

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