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    Bois Farine by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I put off testing this for a long while because I figured peanut butter, or just peanuts, would not a good fragrance make. Well, as usual, it seems the topnotes too heavily influence folks' reviews. The peanutty note burns off within about a half-hour and what is left is a slightly nutty, warm, exotic scent with a sweet base of cedar and iris, blended perfectly into a fuzzy, warm, sweet, cookie-like accord not unlike the almond cookie scent of Bois d'Argent. On top of this there seems to be an exotic floral note, not really wafting, but almost grafted - or maybe glued with caramel - to the cookie accord, like some sort of exotic dessert. Despite all this sweetness, it's never too heavy or cloying. Needless to say I like Bois Farine much more than I expected. On top of all this, it seems very wearable, much more than these reviews would suggest (including this one). One of L'Artisan's most creative and interesting scents, even if a bit weird.

    09th September, 2006

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