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    Mackie (new) by Bob Mackie

    I've loved this scent since its debut in 1991. Its a warm, sweet, fruity scent with a nice woody vanilla infused drydown. This is a comfort scent for me, it makes me feel warm, happy and comfortable anytime I wear it. Vanilla isnt listed in the note pyramid above, but there has to be some in there, well my nose sure thinks there is anyway, maybe its a combo of some of the other notes that give me an impression of vanilla, I dont know. This scent smells very good on my male skin, its not "perfumey" at all on me. There isnt another fragrance in the entire world that smells like Mackie, well not that I have come across yet. This one is very unique. I wish the body products were easier to find. Years ago there were many different Mackie products available, sadly now all thats in production is the EDT and the body lotion :o\ Also, it is no longer owned/manufactured by Riviera Concepts of Canada. Elizabeth Arden Inc. bought out R.C. and acquired their entire scent portfolio. I hope they dont change Mackie's formula, or discontinue it all together.

    01st April, 2007 (Last Edited: 13th May, 2008)

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