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    Fierce for Men by Abercrombie & Fitch

    Fierce is a great choice for warmer weather with a synthetically ramped up cool mentolated citrus wood scent. Fierce is one of a small group of few newer and improved fragrances of this type (Bulgari Aq. Marine, Stetson All American, Versace PH, Ice*Men, Allure PH Sport) that are so much better than the earlier pioneer 90's scents of this type (Eternity, AdGio). Fierce is well balanced, very alluring, inoffensive, refreshing and has no sharp edges or heavy statements to its structure at all. A great generic summer fragrance. There is even a nice dry oakmoss wood drydown which stays very close to the skin and subtle.

    The big problem with Fierce, for me, is the incredibly tacky bottle/image that shows the Abercrombie bare chested youth torso on the bottle front. Who wants that sitting on their shelf?? The bottle design probably drives off more customers than the scent attracts! Another example of destruction by art direction. Visable from either side, this image screams immaturity. But, with a careful peel and pull motion I was able to remove the clear plastic label that coats the front of the bottle leaving a clean, respectably minimal glass bottle that only betrays its contents with one word on the front - Fierce. A huge improvement! I should offer my services to Abercrombie to consult on how to create a wider audience for this pretty good summer fragrance by fixing this error in brand image design. A decent fragrance anyway.

    12 April, 2009

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