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    Jubilation XXV by Amouage

    A truly wonderful incense fragrance. It is lively and fun - not dark or smoke incense but bright temple incense with lively florals mixed with the smoke. I am tempted to imagine that Jubilation XXV was a blending of the light spiritual qualities of Bertrand Duchaufour's CdG Kyoto and the floral tartness of his Timbuktu fragrances. But, I tried a blend of the two and no, JXXV has its own character for sure - more complex. When applied strongly the opening has a slightly erotic feel to it but this quickly leaves as a smokey wood, spcie and floral incense arises from the annointment. Complex but delightful. Another success story in a long series of great incense fragrances by Mr. Duchaufour. My only warning is it is quite light in its presentation. It's lack of strength is a mystery considering that most other incenses from this same perfumer are much longe lasting. But that said, highly recomended for quality of ingredients and development of notes.

    17th April, 2008 (Last Edited: 16th July, 2008)

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